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    Here at Mulberry Design weโ€™re fueled by action, business strategy, and beautiful design.
    (ok, and by coffee & good music) 

    The truth is, the heart of my business is you - the entrepreneur, because I believe that the world needs your unique gifts.

    2 weeks.

    Your website goes from concept to reality in 2 weeks (you'll prep your content and client homework beforehand).


    Raise your hand if you love how-to's and step-by-step guides. *both hands raised* Leave the web design overwhelm behind because I have the entire process laid out for you!


    A completely custom website, created based off of your unique vision, inspiration, and business goals. Together, we'll bring your business to life online.

    all yours.

    At the end of the 2 week design period, I'll give you a live Squarespace tutorial so that you can confidently make future edits and changes yourself!



    I'm Elizabeth.

    a squarespace web designer and business strategist with smile wrinkles and a constantly full cup of coffee, dedicated to helping you cut through the clutter and bring your business to life online.

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    Mulberry Design Co. offers 2 week web design and branding services that focus on strategic design, modern style, and positioning my clients ahead of their competition. Here at Mulberry, you'll find that I value a warm conversation and a perfect cappuccino (or margarita), blended with effective business strategy and beautiful design.

    I also believe a website shouldn't be complicated or cluttered - it should captivate your customer, and motivate them to take action. 

    So, is your website holding you back from achieving
    that 'next level' in your business?

    let's change that.

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    But how? Well, I've got options for you, regardless of where you are in your journey.

    You can book an all-inclusive 2 week web design + branding package,
    get some expert web design insight if you're DIY-ing it and on a budget,
    or you can head to the blog to check out free resources!

    The point is....

    you're in the right place, and I'm here to help you grow.

    squarespace web designer 2 weeks

    2 week web design + branding

    for when you want a beautiful and strategically-built website in two weeks with zero headache

    website coaching squarespace help

    DIY website coaching

    for when you want to DIY on a budget but could use some expert advice and feedback on your website


    free resources

    to grow your business and your brain

    When do you want to launch your site?

    March 2019 - 1 available
    April 2019 - 2 available

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