5 Simple Ways to Brand Your Squarespace Website

5 simple ways to brand your squarespace website

I like to think of a person’s website as their digital storefront. You know when you go window shopping and stop dead in your tracks because you see a gorgeous window display?

That’s how I think of websites. You want to stop your ideal customer from clicking around the internet when they land on your site, simply because they’re so captivated by your style and your content.

So how to do this?

#1 - Offer great content
#2 - Beautify & brand your site!

There are a few easy ways to make your website in alignment with your brand and these awesome little details that make all the difference during that first impression.

#1 - FONTS

Fonts are a great way to convey your brand’s personality, and how you want your brand to be perceived.  Your Squarespace template will come with the default fonts, but you can easily change them to match your brand. Once you choose your fonts, you’ll want to be consistent with them, so choose 2-3 complimentary fonts, max. Squarespace has a huge variety of fonts available - over 600 Google fonts, and 1000 Typekit Fonts. If your brand fonts aren’t available, you can easily add them by following this helpful tutorial from Squarespace!

Merit Coffee has a display font for their logo (usually a snazzy looking font),  and then two other fonts that they use consistently throughout their website. This consistency lends to the overall look and feel of their site, and it comes off as clean and polished.

squarespace font brand example

Example: Merit Coffee


DIY TIP: Squarespace allows you to choose fonts for headers, body text,  and buttons, by going to DesignStyle Editor

You can scroll down the sidebar menu until you come to the Content: Color section.

Just click on the type of font whose color you want to change, type in your color's hex code, and badda-bing, badda-boom! Your website font is now branded.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 6.48.12 PM.png

#2 - COLOR

Picking my brand colors actually took me forever, because I kept changing my mind! Once I finally committed to the palette I loved, it was super fun to incorporate them into my site.

Here are some ideas and tips about how to use color on your site:

  • keep it simple - your colors should serve your website goals, and not distract from them. When in doubt, stick to one or two main colors, and use the others sparingly. Less can be more! If you really want to use many colors, keep them contained and organized so it doesn’t overwhelm your visitor.

  • be consistent - want to look polished and put-together? Design consistency is key. Stick to your color palette on all of your webpages.

  • buttons - you can easily add a pop of color by customizing the buttons on your site. This is especially useful if you’re a big fan of neutrals (like me!), but want to incorporate bright colors without being overwhelmed.

  • fonts - header fonts - great for color. Main body fonts - keep it dark! Nobody likes squinting at their computer screen, trying to read neon green text against a white background.

  • header & footer - this is one of my favorite details. It can round out your website to have a two-tone footer, or a punchy color (depending on what you’re going for!) You can see an example of a bright & bold footer (and color, in general) at bipolaroz.com:

color squarespace branding
squarespace branding color


No way should you be limited by your Squarespace template! My favorite template is Brine, but I always delete all of the demo content and start from scratch so I can create a unique layout.

I highly recommend sketching out your website first, selecting a template based on your preferred layout, deleting all of the demo content, and bringing your own design to life!

Need some layout inspiration? I’ve got a whole Pinterest board devoted to some gorgeous layouts.

Want a minimal look? Utilize lots of negative/white space.

Going for the bold look? Use full-screen photos and big text.

Modern look? Use strong lines, contrasting colors and grid-layouts.


Photos - oh, how they can make or break a site. Photos are hugely beneficial in creating a strong brand if you maintain a consistent, recognizable style.

You could go with bright, cheerful, and feminine, like Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam:

squarespace photo brand

Or you could decide that you like the more moody, neutral tones like Amy Jackson from Fashion Jackson:

squarespace moody photography

Example: Fashion Jackson


Both have a strong and memorable style, simply based off of their high-quality and consistent photography. Choose a photo style that fits your brand, and use consistently all over your website and social media!


Logos: Your logo should be your pride and joy, so highlight it on your site, and be sure to upload your favicon!
You can get creative with your logo placement - left, right, center?

Leon Bridges went big and bold, and placed it front & center:

bold logo squarespace branding

Example: Leon Bridges

Other ideas - place your alt logo in your footer, for a tiny final detail. Wherever you decide to place your logo, or it’s alternate versions, make sure it’s intentional and matches your brand style!

Icons: Icons are an eye-catching way to incorporate color and style, and also add some flair to your website. My favorite resource for icons is Flaticon.


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