How to Upload Your Brand’s Favicon to Your Website

how to upload favicon to your squarespace website

Want to make your website look a little bit more polished and professional? Make sure you’ve uploaded your brand’s favicon! Why? Because it will make your website recognizable when someone has a browser window full of tabs (this is me, all the time).

What’s a favicon?

It’s the little guy hanging out in your website’s internet tab.
Usually (but not always) it’s the organization’s logo, or some alternate version of it. Also known as a browser icon.

favicon example.jpg

By default, all websites built on Squarespace will have an image of a 3D square as the favicon. As a web designer, it makes me so sad when I see websites with the default favicon (or none at all)! It's a great way to spread your brand's reach a little farther...and details matter!

Here's an example of the standard Squarespace favicon:

squarespace favicon example

How to upload your custom favicon:

Step 1 | Login into your Squarespace site

Step 2 | Click “Design” on the left-side menu

Step 3 | Click “Logo & Title” on the left side menu

Step 4 | Scroll down to “browser icon (favicon)” and click  “add a favicon”

add a browser icon or favicon example squarespace

Step 5 | Upload your favicon!

Image Format: your favicon should be saved as a PNG file

Image Size: between 100x100px (min) and 300x300px (max). 

File Size: under 100KB

Step 6 | Click “Save”


And voila!

Your website’s browser tab now flaunts your logo.

Want to see a play-by-play?

Video tutorial is below!