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Squarespace 101: What is Squarespace?

By a landslide, the top question I get asked is some sort of variation of “What is Squarespace?”, and then followed by, “…ok, so why should I choose Squarespace over all of the other options out there?”

As a Squarespace web designer, you know that I’m a leetle biased towards Squarespace, but…it’s for good reason, I promise.

So let’s go ahead and get down to it.....

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5 Simple Ways to Brand Your Squarespace Website

I like to think of a person’s website as their digital storefront. You know when you go window shopping and stop dead in your tracks because you see a gorgeous window display?

That’s how I think of websites. You want to stop your ideal customer from clicking around the internet when they land on your site, simply because they’re so captivated by your style and your content.

So how to do this?

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